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Alan Solutions, an web development company in Coimbatore is a one stop solution for all your web design and development needs. Since from 2005 we are into web development business and you the client can be assured by us that your project will be designed and developed with utmost good care and quality. We fulfill your needs with the latest technology available in the market. We are website developers who answer your phone calls!.

We manage your projects very well and we identify questions and gaps very quickly and give perfect solution to your requirements. Alan Solutions is having highly professional and are one of the best Web Developers with more than 10 plus years of experience in web development field.

We will send daily reports on your projects, so you will be aware of your project status and its process. We are very transparent and will always keep our customer constantly at ease. We always keep our customer to felt like their project is in good hands.

All our developers will deliver high quality products on time and will keep a pleasant and professional collaboration.

Web Development Contract

To develop your web requirements, you need to have a contract with a web development company who are having a good and experienced web development team.

Following are your questions which will kick your mind when you search for a good web development company.

  • Who are all the people in the web development team?
  • Who should be the contact point for an particular issue?
  • What are their expertise?
  • What will be their price for a project?
  • Would they work on project basis or hourly basis? And much more.

We are having a bunch of members grouped together as a team for each project.


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Which is the typical team at most web development companies have. You may have a question what is the difference with your team. Offcourse, our team members are always customizable and responsible for each and every task. We will assign the task to each team member at the very beginning of the project, so you always know the responsible person of each task.


Requirement Analyst




Quality Analyst

Looking for a software firm? Always looking for good project.

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